About Us

What started off in 1980 as an enterprising travel group has kicked off to be one of India’s leading travel organizations today. Having over three decades of experience in the travel industry Riya Group has expanded all over the country with 45 offices and 3 overseas in the U.S. With over 1500 professionals to assist you we offer expert guidance and attention to detail giving you optimum value for your money.

Our travel portal is dedicated to help travelers not only to plan out but also to book exciting trips and much more. Our mission as an organization is to create inspiring and meaningful experiences that connect people and places together. Airline ticketing being our core activity is what we have gained many praises for. The epitome of high quality services and timely deliveries has won Riya recognition and laurels from various quarters.

With the support of our customers we continue to be recognized for our consistent and outstanding performance that sets us apart from our competitors making us the most preferred option when you thinking of travelling.

Apart from our much-achieved acknowledgment, we have reaped a host of prestigious awards, distinctions and certificates from various airlines and industry suppliers. Numerous awards and accolades mainly from the airline fraternity have been presented to us over the years.


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