Montenegro continued

Goodbye working holiday visas, Europe here I come

I left the hotel and took my bike out for some love and care, being a carwash.
The road took me through a gorge and the river that carved it out was turqoise blue. very tempting to go for a swim.


It was the main road out of Podrigica. But eventually my gps indicated a turnoff and tha immediately took me in the mountains.


I passed a few houses and what seemed to be a newly built monastery. I am sure that in 50 years time this will be a new tourist hotspot, after the virgin mary brings it a visit. Of course they would have to widen the road for tour busses but where there is a tourist euro, there is a way.
After a while my mountain road took me back to the highway and then it was a short ride to Kolasin.

This town was put on…

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